Penta-vite Liquid Multivitamins for Infants 0-3 yrs - 30mL


Penta-vite Liquid Multivitamins for Infants (0-3 years) contains a special formulation of vitamins essential for infants' healthy growth and development. Penta-vite may help maintain a healthy intake of vitamins in instances of fussy eating habits, appetite loss or during illness. This pleasant-tasting pineapple flavoured liquid formula comes with an easy to use dosing syringe. Available in pack size of 30ml.

Dosage:Infants/Children up to 3 years - 0.45mL daily single dose. First day, commence with 0.15mL. Increase dose by 0.15mL each day until 0.45mL daily dose achieved. May be used as one dose or divided dosages during the day. For best results, administer directly into the infant's mouth or add to a teaspoon of milk or fruit juice.

Instructions for use:Do not shake.

Warnings: Vitamin supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Always read the label. Use only as directed.
Product Type:Multivitamins
Active Ingredients:Vitamin B1 540 Mcg
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