X-Drive Mens - 60 Tablets


Ultimate male performance is upon you… do you take the red pill or the blue pill?

In this scenario, we suggest taking the black pill!

AXS X-drive is a herbal high-performance male support product, designed to improve overall male health, increase daily vitality and improve stamina.

  • More Energy
  • Increased Libido
  • Improved Performance

With clinically proven, high concentration herbal extracts at levels like no other product on the market, X-Drive is designed to get you back in the driver's seat and out of the passenger's lane.
Designed to be taken daily for enhanced cognitive function, increased muscle recovery and improvement in performance stamina, X-Drive will have you living at the peak of your existence.

Core Ingredients

Used for decades in traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine, KSM-66 is a patented Ashwagandha extract that has been linked to improving both physiological and psychological health. Individuals using KSM-66 have also been shown to improve stress levels, reduce fatigue, increase mental clarity and enhance performance.

Modern clinical research using Testofen shows an improvement in hormonal profiling, including an increase in both total and free testosterone in males using Testofen for 12 weeks. Testofen has also been linked to improved sexual health and may act as an aphrodisiac as it was found to in ancient medicine as well.

Epimedium Meyenni
More commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium Meyenni has been used to support healthy prostate function, to increase libido and to enhance overall male performance.

Panax Ginseng
Commonly referred to as the ‘true ginseng’, Panax Ginseng is the most abundantly researched ginseng on the market and has been shown to improve immunity strength, enhance mood and increase cognitive function.
Long-term supplementation may also support an increase in testosterone production as well as improve exercise and male performance.

Final Thoughts

To support ultimate male health use X-Drive daily and feel the surge of physical, mental and psychological energy.

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Feel stronger, go harder and maximize your power. Unlock your body's true potential with X-Drive's high-potency formula, loaded with vital active ingredients to keep you physically in-tune.  Stress less. Achieve more. Put yourself in a positive headspace. With ingredients like Arabica seeds and Panax ginseng, you'll feel mentally prepared to tackle every day and live life to the fullest. The X-DRIVE formulation by Pharma Science Australia, uses a number of Globally Patented ingredients, to ensure the highest potency possible in our supplement products.

Instructions: Take 1 Tablet, twice a day.
Warnings: Contains Lactose. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practioner. DO not use if tamper evidence seal is missing, torn or broken.

Ingredients: TESTOFEN trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract 4:1 300mg per tablet (twice daily).Lycopersicon esculentum fruit 20:1 40mg per tablet. Calcium Citrate 21.1mg per tablet. Lutein 10% Powder 2mg per tablet. Manganese amino acid chelate 12mg per tablet

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